Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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With GDC 2014 around the corner, I wanted to offer a brief post.  For me, GDC has always been about networking and self-improvement.

In regards to self-improvement, I wanted to offer 2 suggestions for reading.  Why am I recommending these two books and not others.  For one, I've read them recently, so they're fresh in my mind.  Also, these represent two books represent different, but equally important, aspects of the creative process and personal development.

So, here's your homework:


  • All professionals need to revisit their foundation.  Fundamentals.  And this is a great collection of those elements.
  • Also, too many students who are going through programs that don't teach proper color theory and composition.  I don't blame the students, but they are going to have to be responsible for learning the things that institutions aren't.
  • People like myself.  I fill both categories.  As a veteran professional, I need to go back and remind myself of certain things.  Also, I recognize that what few artistic skills I have came from good instincts rather than good instruction.
  • This teaches you "what to do" and "why to do it."



  • This is for inspiration.
  • Whereas the book above is the mechanics of how to create, this is the mental approach to creativity.
  • More importantly, this teaches you "why to do it."

Both books are clearly written for artists.  Lots of pictures.  Small digestible ideas and chapters.  This is your pre-GDC homework.  These are the things creatives should be talking about.  PBR is cool, but reading these will arm you with an ability far beyond technical processes.

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  1. Well damn you sold me. Picked up both of them.