Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Reading

Inspiration is a prime / consistent pursuit of every creative individual.  I normally reserve this space (this blog) for my own mental gymnastics.  However, there are also occasions where I simply want to point out what others have done -- especially when they communicate so much better than I.

While reading both of these books, I recognized that tthey represent a lot of key ideas and questions that all creatives face in their work.  Everyone.  Aspiring professionals and veterans alike.  I wanted to recommend these books, not only for the brilliant ideas they communicate, but also for the moments of mental clarity that they can provide.

We are frequently so deep in our work that we fail to pull back and appreciate the creative process itself.  Too frequently, the work itself becomes the process, the means by which to do more work.  As an alternative, these books offer a chance to look at your creativity, your process and then allow those elements to influence your work.

Then again, I realize that not every creative individual enjoys reading.  For those who fit this category, just check out this video.  It's old, but still just as brilliant.

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