Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Resolutions

A little late, I know...

To kick off the new year, I wanted to start with a few resolutions which I hope to achieve with the blog in 2013.

More regularity.

I came close to my once-a-month goal for posting this past year, but missed a number of deadlines.  In fact, I completely missed the month of December.  Part of this is undoubtedly due to to lapses in commitment.  However, another component was simply losing interest in some of the topics I was writing about.  This leads me to my next resolution.

More Variety.

My past posts were focused almost wholly on management and leadership topics.  This year, I'd like to branch out and talk more about art direction and critique.  I'd like to spend some time writing about the games I'm playing and also my impressions of where the succeed and where they struggle.  Leadership issues will still play an important part in this blog, but I feel that more topical variety will bring improvements ... And also keep me engaged on a more regular basis.

Some shorter posts

You may have noticed that I tend to ramble on in my posts, so I want to try a few this year with a very succinct focus or commentary.  However, when I think of that, I can't help but be reminded of.... zzzzzz.  As I said, shorter.

More bad analogies.

I live for them.  In fact, it will be part of an upcoming post -- an article I started writing last year but haven't invested the time to finish.

See you again soon.  Happy New Year to you all.

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